Home Staging Hacks

Home Staging has become the industry standard when it comes to selling your home Sprucing up your home before selling can add some serious value. Here are a few easy home staging hacks brought to you by Jersey native, Dianna Scarpa, owner and lead designer of Opal Home Staging.

Keep Closets Half Empty

 - Potential buyers are always looking for storage. you may have a gorgeous walk-in closet, but all of the clothing and accessories will not show the size. Leaving about half of any closet empty will allow buyers to imagine how much room they will have for their own things.

New Welcome Mat

 - I cannot stress enough how important first impressions are. Purchase a new welcome mat to place at your doorstep ($15 at Target). Buyers are already making up their mind about your property as they're waiting for the realtor to unlock the door, so make sure the doorway is neat and welcoming. 


 - This is a home stager's golden rule and should not be overlooked! Replace personal photos with artwork. It's hard for potential buyers to envision themselves living in your house when they're looking at photos of your family's recent vacation to Hawaii (lucky you!). 

Use White Linens 

 - Get rid of your older towels and invest in some fluffy, white ones. White towels give off a spa-like appearance and creates a cleaner looking environment. I also ask my clients to replace bath mats and/or decorative shower curtains. It is important to neutralize and clean your spaces, including the bathroom!


Dianna Scarpa